Sri Radha Madhava

Sri Radha Madhava

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Beloved Sant Gulab Singhji ~ ☾☆*.°Sufi Mystic●°*•○°★☾☆¸.•*

This amazing photo was taken in the Raj Mata quarters
of the NIS, Patiala (Palace). Where we were all guest of

Dr. M.S. Melhotra, a great devotee of the beloved Master!!
It was in the late afternoon, after tea and after informally
explaining some of the Divane Shamsi Tabriz of Rumi,
from the original Persian!!  See it in his eyes!! 

Friday, July 11, 2014

☆.•*°★☾~Divane Hafiz~°☆¸.•*

"I caught the Happy Virus last night
     When I was out Singing Beneath the Stars*
It is Remarkably Contagious, so Kiss Me!"

 ☆*.*.°☆ *●°*•○°★☾ °☆ ¸.•*~Hafiz ~

  This wonderful Sufi painting is by Reza Badrossama

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Divine Kundalini Shakti¸¸.◦ ◦.¸¸.◦✿◦◦¸◦❤◦¸◦✿ॐ✿◦¸◦❤◦¸◦✿◦.¸¸.◦Our Own Mysterious and Amazing Hidden Power!!

      This is the Kundalini Shakti seen here in her Goddess form. As the power of the Lord or God's Divine Energy of the cosmos, she is the light of innumerable universes. Her splendour is beyond description. Thus her manifestations are countless!  She is worshiped as the Divine Mother and as the other half of Lord Shiva. She is never separate from Him, but is the primal force of life underlying all existence.               
       Worshiping her includes the total acceptance of all creation for she is the center of everything, vitalizing the body through her energy. She is the beauty in all things beautiful, the power, the fragrance, the color, the taste, the music, the enchantment, the dance, the grace. She is the intelligence of the mind and the devotion in worship, and the magnetism of all lovers.
      As Kundalini Shakti she lies dormant in the Muladhara Chakra at the base of the spine in the form of a serpent power, coiled around the Swayambhu Shivalinga. When she bestows her grace on her sincere devotees, she awakens and leads the individual soul up from Chakra to Chakra, plane to plane, and unites him with Lord Shiva in the Sahasrara. The Divine Shakti maintains the play of all forms through the three Gunas, the three fundamental attributes or modes of instinct: Sattva (purity), Rajas (passion), Tamas (darkness).
     Thus the Devi holds in one hand the TRISHUL (Shula), also a symbol of the triad of man's three bodies: the gross physical body or Sthula Sharira; the subtle Astral body or Linga Sharira; and the causal body, the individual soul or Karana Sharira.
     In the worship of Divine Mother it is necessary to overcome any dislikes, aversions, misuse, perversions, weaknesses, and negativeness. All obstacles must be removed. For this the Devi holds in one hand the BOW (Danusha) as a symbol of concentrated focus, discrimination and alertness. For this purpose external worship, rituals and ceremonies make a valuable contribution.
      The SKULL in the Shakti's hand is symbolic of a pure empty mind. This means a mind free from preconceived ideas that block the way for new perceptions. This paves the way for Divine insights such as insights by intuition during meditation, japa or just quiet reflection. In contrast to preconceived ideas stands true knowledge, which is knowing from personal experience. Information is often mistaken for knowledge. If the Divine Nectar received in those blessed indescribable moments falls, caught up in the passion of the illusion of worldly affairs, it falls like water and streams off and is lost because the aspirant might only recognize too late what has happened.
       The Skull, emptiness of mind, is shown to remind one that to continue the minds habit of interpreting would be a big mistake. Thus, empty the mind as with the repetition of mantra from the guru. The need for an aspirant is not to learn new things, but to absorb Divine Nectar. This ambrosia obtained from spiritual practice is the precious spiritual food (the intuitive insights) that needs to be absorbed, not analyzed and prejudged.
       The NOOSE held by Kundalini Shakti is a warning not to be caught in the old traps of mechanicalness and intellectualization, preoccupation with self and turning a deaf ear. Discover old traps and even recognize traps before they have been laid. Basically the NOOSE warns of being caught in the pride of knowledge.
       The GOAD (Ankusha) that Devi holds shows that goading or pushing is necessary, even on to the last efforts. She signals the sadhak to keep going, moving forward, to persevere, discriminate, and pursue development.
     The ARROWS shown here to us by Kundalini Devi represents the five senses that need to be brought under control by awareness and refinement and then shot in a fine straight line by direct commitment and a clear sight of the target. A specific goal may be missed by running in too many directions!
      The Kundalini Shakti is pure and blissful. She is the Mother of Nature itself. It is therefore that one should first approach the Mother so that she may bring her spiritual child who is worthy to unite with the Father!
     Devi is Shakti of Lord Shiva. She is Jada shakti, Chit shakti, Iccha Shakti, Kriya shakti, Jnana shakti. She is Maya shakti, Maya, Mahamaya, Sri Vidya, Lalita, Kundalini, Rajeshwari and Parvati. As Sati she manifested to Lord Shiva in ten separate forms, the Das Mahavidya: Kali, Tara, Shodashi, Bhuvaneshwari, Bhairavi, Chinnamasta, Dhumavati, Bhagalamukhi, Matangi,and Laxmi.
   Glory to all these wonderful manifestations of the Divine Mother!
We adore Her in all Her forms!

                              ~Om Shakti! Om Shakti! Om shakti Om!
                         Brahma shakti! Vishnu Shakti! Shiva Shakti Om!
                           Iccha Shakti! Kriya Shakti! Jnana Shakti Om!
                               ~Om Shakti! Om Shakti! Om Shakti Om!~

Saturday, April 05, 2014

"Ye Noor uska, ye zahoor uska,*ღ☆¸ Gar tu na dekhe, to kasoor kiska?!" *ღ☆¸.•°*♥☆Om Babaji ¸★° ☾

"The Inner Light is His! The outer view is His!!
 If you can't see this, whose fault it is?!"
*ღ☆¸.•°*♥☆ ¸★° ☾ °☆ *ღ☆¸.•°*♥☆ ¸★

This wonderful Hafiz painting is by Reza Badrossama

The Divine Mother ~ Adi Shakti ~*~

Monday, March 17, 2014

¸.•°*♥ Aaj Holi Hai! ¸.•°*♥

Be drenched in the indelible color of the Beloved Sri Radha Krishna ~ ღ☆¸.•°*♥ हरी ॐ *ღ☆¸.•°*♥ ¸.•°*♥ Happy Holi!¸.•°*♥

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

"The subject tonight is Love" °☆ ¸. * ● ¸★°Hafiz ☾ °☆ ¸. * ●★ *

°☆ ¸. * ● ¸★° ☾ °☆ ¸. * ●★ * "The whole world just got thick again with God. And everywhere I look makes me feel very proud ~ That all the objects and creatures remain looking so poised ~ And acting so cool while keeping the Great Secret so well ~ And not blissfully shout all day long ~ the Reality ~ ~ ~ ~ I AM ~ I AM THE WINE! °☆ ¸. * ● ¸★° ☾ °☆ ¸ * ●★ * The whole universe just got stoned out of its mind again On the Beauty of God!" °☆ ¸. * ● ¸★° ☾ °☆ ¸. * ●★ * °☆ ¸. * ● ¸★° ☾ °☆ ¸. * ●★ * °☆ ¸. * ● ¸★° ☾ °☆ ¸. * ●★ * ☆ ¸. * ●★ *°☆"No one can keep us from carrying God wherever we go!" °☆ ¸. * ● ¸★° ☾ °☆ ¸. * ●★ *°☆ ¸. * ● ¸★° ☾ °☆ ¸. * ●★ * °☆ ¸. * ● ¸★° ☾ °☆ ¸. *Hafiz ~*~

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Swami Sacinandanji and Sri Shyam Dasji ~Govardhana~

This was taken with wonderful Sacinandan Swamiji and dear Shyam Dasji at Jutipura, Govardhan, Nov. 2009. It was an amazing Bhakti week of Hari Katha, Kirtana, and Ras Lila! Full of Hari Ecstasy!!
Full of Graceful Hari bliss, he spreads intense Love for God in the Divine forms of Sri Radha and Sri Krishna!! Ah ho!! ~*~*~*~*~*~

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Mata Narvada Puriji's Maha Samadhi ~Basant Panchmi~ Feb.4,2014

On Feb.20,2013 I was sitting with Mata Narvada Puriji,(German) outside her small simple room on the top of Santoshpuri Ashrama near the flowing Gangaji at Septha Rishi. There was a flood of Light around her and an aura of bliss! The only other German lady-sadhu I had met was Uma, a disciple of Swami Shivananda Saraswati of Rishikesh,and she was living in a wonderful cave up in the mountains there. And like the last time I was totally blown-away, over-whelmed. Maybe it was her calm beauty and great simplicity,totally centered, or her charming, friendly way she spoke that reached straight in to capture the heart. Mataji Narvada Puri had come to India in the early 70's at the age of 24 yrs. Her life is an inspiration,a testimony of vairag, detachment, and perfect devotion to the Guru.
"Holy waters, holy places, holy people can give you liberation in one moment. It is possible! Commonly called a "miracle": to remove the veil of ignorance, to clear impurities stored up for generations. Arrival in Banaras and the next day you got enlightened! Not forever, but enough to change life and work until eternity to regain and establish the bliss."*
"The Shiva temple by the roadside solved the search for the right place. You just came back home, you go straight up to the holy shrine. The doors are still closed. You don't ask who is inside. You sit by the wall and your heart starts singing,flying high, knocking at the paradise unknown. No question, your innocence is back, you don't mind winning the prize. The time was right, the light could be recognized. Shiv!"* ... "The eternal smile of hope goes on. Now Shiva has become everything and everywhere. You can touch Him in the wall, love Him in the wind, listen to Him in the drums of the snake tamers. You can geet up without losing Him. You know now with whom you are dancing..."* Feb.5,2014 Mataji Narvada Puri'S Samadhi sanskaras were done on this day at her Ashrama, Santoshpuri, and she was entered next to her Baba's Samadhi (near to where she stands in this photo!)
"The little garden place of your life will blossom again to create flowers of love to fade away while leaving a seed of indestructible devotion. With eyes open, you have passed away long ago." * * The quotes here are all from Mataji Narvada Puri's book: 'Tears of Bliss'.

Monday, February 03, 2014

Sankirtan Samraat Swami Mukund Hariji Maharaj of Bathinda & Hari Nikunj Ashram.

His Ashrama, Sri Hari Nikunj,in Bankey Bihari Basti was the first place I stayed in Vrindavan way back in 1971. At that time it was a delightful friendly little Ashram, where one was invited to stay by Maharajji himself, who was often there, though he had a lovely place in Bathinda, Punjab also. There was daily kirtan and puja, but most outstanding to me was that this small Ashram would daily prepare food and distribute it to more than 50 mahatmas, sanyasis, and sadhus,who calmly stood in a long line with their own containers to be filled. And last would be feed just anyone who wanted to eat! At least in those days there were three or four places in Vrindavan, this holy abode of Lord Krishna, that were "free kitchens" for sadhus and devotees of all kinds. I thought that was so beautiful! And I still do. Every day we would rush to have the 'Darshan' of these sadhus. The first one always to be fed was a young Mauni Baba who would come, but only sit under the tree outside, and never even stood in the line. Years later we came to know this Bengali Baba as Swami Vimalananda Saraswatiji, a disciple of the renowned Swami Akhandananda saraswati. The Mahant, manager-sadhu, of the Ashram at that time was Sri Ladali Sharonji,from Punjab. All our time was spent in spiritual pursuits. This was the address in Vrindavan left on all letters I had received from Baba Sripadji, that brought me to the ecstasy that is Sri Vrindavan. And the meeting of Swami Mukund Hariji, his kindness of magnificent Grace that manifested around him no matter the occasion, what to say of witnessing his amazing sankirtanas, that I always tape-recorded. Specially since Balyogiji Sripad Baba had given me a new portable tape-recorded(rare at the time)for this purpose. One of the Greatest experiences of my life was at the Opening of the new Ashrama, when the entire 7 days of the Srimad Bhagavath Septha was completed with me sitting right up in front taping the whole thing, in the company of these wonderful saints. This was in the early 1970's. The inspired Speaker was Goswami Atul Krishnaji and the exalted Listener was Swami Mukunda Hariji. Baba Sripadji and countless saints and devotees were present for the Kathas and kirtana daily. The end result, which I was completely not expecting, is an ecstasy and vision far beyond words to describe!! So is the company and grace of the saints. ~*~ Hari Om ~*~

Friday, December 20, 2013

With Baba Ram Dasji in Maui

This was my third meeting with the amazingly beautiful Baba Ram Dasji after many years. On this perfect day in Maui. His lovely house was to be found in the North-West part of the island. And though we had an address there is something about the house that one recognized it on sight. Maybe it is the calm peacefulness and all that bliss! Surely enough, Dasi Ma was expecting us and immediately came to the door and invited us inside. And Baba Ram Dasji was also there with a most radiant smile, warm and welcoming. One just stood awhile and took in that wonderful moment of fullness and mutual recognition. It was like being finally face to face with Love itself! I offered him my gift from India, the Tibetan 'Yak Wool' shawl that he joyfully accepted. We then followed him into the spacious sitting room, that was also a shrine and full of light. Calmly he began speaking with us, sweetly inquiring and interested, listening to all our replies with a deep mood of underlying joy. And there appeared a most beautiful, and complete, rainbow right over his head that ended into the ocean itself, seemingly, since there were big windows behind him. It was most astonishing and inspiring!
He spoke of many things,of the beauty of life and the trails of ageing. He said that when he had become so ill, after his stroke and the paralysis,he spoke to Baba Neemkaroliji, and asked him why all this had happened to him. He said, "You promised me 'Grace'. What is this?" He answered, "This is the 'Grace' that you are in this most difficult state and yet you are in bliss and in my presence. That you have accepted all things in your life, this is 'Grace'!
This beautiful man of 82 yrs. now, gently shared with us many blessings. All his words fell on our ears like pure 'Grace'. He spoke of the rolls everyone plays in life, and how all of it was ever leading us towards a final goal, towards a sublime state of Pure Grace, where we can realize our actual True Self and find That One as our own Ultimate Being. How all of life is for this purpose of finding Oneself in This Very Moment,The Now,and staying finely tuned to the Presence as Present. " I am Infinite!", he said as if in a reverie, as if in an abstracted state of momentary absorption. And there spread a sublime state of bliss through all of us present there with him.
Then Ram Dass told us that his Guru once came close to him and said, "Love everyone!" and he came closer and repeated it. And then he came right up to him, face to face and again slowly and clearly said,"Love everyone! I'm telling you to love everybody in the world that's all!" "So, I'm a Democrat, and I put George Bush there." and he pointed to his shrine right in front of us, where his Guru, Neemkaroli Baba's photo was prominent among others. And he showed us that now there is the photo of the Head of the Senate placed there instead of Bush. And he continued,"So, I go,'Hello Anandamayi Ma!,Awe! Nityananda! and I said, 'Hello George!' And I said that I have to see his soul. All I'm doing is reacting to his incarnation. And then I felt sorry for his soul, that has got a lousy incarnation!! As I took leave of this most beautiful soul I said,"You are pure joy." He said, "I surrender to Him." About 'Darshan' he said, "You know this is interesting, in India I learned that you don't see the Guru, the Guru sees you. See, you stand there and wait, you put effort behind." I said," I didn't wait though, I came running to India, looking all around. But when you see that person it's as if you can't find on your own, but it's there." And he said, "Yeah, it's there."

Saturday, November 02, 2013

A Very Happy Divali to All!

’•,`’•,*,•’`,•’ •♪ღ♪*•JOYFUL♥•♪ღ♪*•
,•’``’•,•’``’•,.•♪ღ♪ & GRACES♥•♪ღ♪*•
’•,`’•,*,•’`,•’TO YOU ALL! ♥•♪ღ♪*
.'.◦✿◦¸◦❤◦¸.'.ღϠ₡ღ✻ OM!Ϡ₡ 


Monday, September 30, 2013

What about Krishna's Flute? ♫*•*¨¨*•♫•♫ ♫*•*¨¨*•♫•♫

" To awaken their divine attachment
Hari entered Vrindavan playing His flute.
The Svanminis sang about the song of His flute
Whoever is attached to His attributes 
Ends up attached to Him."

"Separation is Krishna in the heart.
Union is Krishna in the world."
"They are His divine powers,
His shaktis,
They abide in the glades of Vrindavan
For His sheer enjoyment."

"Their love is to be emulated."
"What is profound does not appear before all.
This lila is not openly revealed
because ras only flourishes in concealment."

"The Svaminis are intimate with Gopal.
And experience Him through every door of perception."
"The call of Shri Krishna's flute
Kindles in those women
Who live around the hills and waters of Braja
The spiritual conjugal mood.
"There are others who are nearby but cannot hear.
Lila is replete with purpose and Krishna
Awakens only those whose time has come.
Others simply will not respond to His calling."

"It is a Lila-Invitation.
Is Overwhelming!!"

               These are excerpts from ~

             (The Song of the Flute)

             presented by Shyamdas

Published by the International Pushthimargiya Vaishnav Parishad (U.K.)
#12 Old Oak Rd., London W37HL.

                       ★ • .  ♡   ★        • . ♡ • . ★   

Saturday, September 14, 2013

☆°•. ★¸.•*¨Sri Radha Ashtami ~ Sept.13,2013¸.•°☆°•. ★¸.•*¨

I think of my Sri Radha in my deepest inmost thoughts.
I know she is there, unmoving, forever mine ~
I am conscious of her presence...

Beautiful one, your face is lovely as the moon,
and the nightingales singing in wild abandon
wrench at my heart and are driving me distracted!

Speak to me, my love, speak such words to me
that I shall be anointed by them; as a king is anointed
by sacred holy oil, let me be anointed by the honeyed
sweetness of your words.

My love, my love, you are my all -
my secret wealth, my jewel, my gem
in a vast ocean that contains all loveliness.

My Radha, there is in my heart one idea,
in my mind one thought ~ My love,
it is you held by my encircling love.

                            ~ Gita Govind ~
                                  Jaya Dev

                                                     "Shree Radhey"

Blessed One,         
       In the Grace, ever since merging in the ecstasy of the uttermost Grace of Divinity, the silent communication of the heart is inscrutable as He Himself and His Lila.
       On the occasion of Sri Radha Ashtami we visit Sri Barsana, the blissful realm of Sri Radha.  All devotees gather at Sri Ji's Mandir at the break of dawn to witness the Mangala Arti then kirtan, and the Samaj continues singing throughout the night, to the Abhishek, the auspicious bathing of Sri Radha with curds and milk.  The sacred Samaj of Sri Radha's Advent is sung with great devotion as the sun rises over Sri Ji's Dham.
       Each day following Radha Ashtami special Raslilas are performed at the sacred sites where Sri Thakurji and His Beloved perform even to this day, their Lilas.  At Sri Prem Srovar, a sacred tank filled with the tears of the Divine Couple Sri Gopal Chandra Dev is taken out on a gorgeously decorated barge and afterward He and Sri Ji watch fireworks from a beautiful throne in front of their temple. At Mur Kuti, site of the Peacock Dance this Lila is performed. Jhulan (swing) Lila is done at Vilas Ghar, where Sri Ji and Shyam Sunder pass their time in Divine Love Dalliance and again repeat their Lila in the forest of Ghaverban.  At Priya Kund the deities of Jaipur Raj Mandir also go boating to the delight of all, and a glorious samaj is sung while carrying the Divinities back to the temple, and end at Sri Ji's Temple.  At Sankrikor, the narrow ravine where Sri Thakurji demanded a 'tax' of curd and milk from Sri Radha and the Gopis going to market, the Lila and Samaj are re-enacted.  The ecstasy of these occasions cannot be easily communicated!
      Kadam Kandi is a very beautiful green forest between dry brown hills, where Sri Naga Baba did his sadhana.  Once while walking in the forest his long hair was caught in a tree and he refused to allow anyone to disentangle it. He wanted the Jugal Kishore (Sri Radha and Krishna) to free him.  When Sri Thakurji Himself appeared, Naga Baba told Him to go away and come back with Sri Radhika - and he did so to free His bhakta!  A grand mela (festival) and Lila happens in this holy place in the valley and atop the hill at the Samadhi of Sri Naga Baba.  All the Gopis of the very caste who once played with Sri Gopal come in the same colorful dress they have worn for centuries - filling the lovely tree-shaded kund amidst the forest with a flood of orange, red, gold and green, as well as old traditional kirtans.  Thence all the devotees go on to Kama for darshan.  Kama is a 'second Vrindavan', a city of many, many temples...  There is also an ancient ruined temple atop the hill with 84 mystic pillars, one for every 'kos' (2 miles) of the 84 kos of Vraj Dham,  (the 84 sacred sites of Vraj).

       From Kama the Mela moves to Karehla, where Maha Ras Lila is performed but once a year, on Purnima (full-moon).  Here, at the site of the original Ras Lila, a masterly crafted golden mukhet (crown) 500 years old, is worn by Thakurji, a once a year darshan.  One then proceeds to Pashia, a supremely holy forest, unchanged from the time of the Mahabharat, when Sri Krishna graced this earth.  Ashwatthama, son of Dronacharya, killed the children of the Pandavas by treachery. Arjuna did not kill him because he was the son of his Guru, but shaved his head and beard, a sign of disgrace.  Ashwatthama retired to Pashia, where he did great penance to please Lord Shankara.  The inhabitants of the surrounding villages believe he still dwells in this woods and it has not been touched by profane hands.  Only sadhus living within the forest will take the dead wood to burn, within the forest itself, otherwise each tree, plant and animal lives and dies according to its Karma in its own place.  Each Saturday the people of the neighboring villages do parikrama of the forest to obtain the blessings of Ashwatthama, who is very kind, they say, who cures illnesses and grants boons.  The forest remains today just as the woods and hermitages, which Sri Ram Chandra passed through when He was exiled, are discribed by Goswami Tulsidasji in his Ram Charitmanasa.
       Since then, Shanji has been going on in Vraj.  Shanjis are mystical diagrams of sacred places in Vraj.  Just as they were made by Sri Radhika and Her Sakhis, the girls of Vraj make them today at their homes, on the walls, with cow dung and flowers.  At Sri Ji Mandir the Samaj of how Sri Radhika and Her friends made Shanjis is sung daily, and a beautiful Shanji, made with colored sand is prepared.  Uchogam, the village of Lalita Sakhi, was made showing the temples, sacred kund, Gopis and Gopas, animals; then Prem Sarover, Sanket (where Radha and Krishna met for the first time), Nandagaon, Kokilban, and Sheshshai - the bed of the snake Shesha, on which Sri Narayan lies on the ocean of milk (khir, according to Vrajavasis...), served by Sri Lakshmi, with the Lotus of the 14 worlds, the seat of Brahma, sprouting from His Naval.

             How to describe the eternal bliss of Sri Vraj Dham?  ☆°•. ★¸.•*¨

☆°•. ★¸.•*¨An unsigned letter written in the handwriting of Baba Asim Krishna Das in 1972, and addressed to me in the handwriting of Baba Sripadji. 

                                     ☆°•. ★¸.•*¨  Jai Jai Sri Radhey!  ☆°•. ★¸.•*¨

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Bhai Sahib Lakshvir Singhji ~ Muztar Nabhawi ~ *ღ☆¸.•°*♥

                                             Beloved Bhai Sahib Lakshvir Singhji
                                                   Dec.25,1918 ~ Feb.14,2008

       Here is a note I made during study of the Persian language 
with the mystic poet-saint 'Muztar' of Nabha.
He is Bhai Sahib Lakshvir Singhji and lived at his home,
'Vir Nivas', in the beautiful Chail forest of Himanchal Pradesh.
      I had first met him in the early 70's when he came to Saproon,
Solan to meet Sant Gulab Singhji, his dear friend, who joyfully rose up
from the lunch table to embrace him. Bhai Sahibji was a very
beautiful and impressive man of around 50 years at that time, he wore a
khakhi color salvar-kameez with a small warm cap and draped himself
with a woolen shawl. He was astonishing with his own Urdu and Persian
Poetry (and English), all present there were totally swept away in the
timeless ecstasy of the graceful company of the meeting of these
two beloved masters!
       Later I was to accompany Santjeo in a friends jeep as we
rode up the mountains to the gorgeous Christmas tree forest
of Chail to visit Bhai Sahibji. The spiritual mood of the Love of
God, the Bhava, pervading his wonderful home is beyond words
to describe! Only I can still feel it today, along with his constant
presence. At that time, there with Santji, I remember how we sat
in the rose garden that Summer day, refreshed by cool sharbat
served by his sons as Bhai Sahibji's own Persian self written books
were brought out and shared with us. This was a kind of engrossing
hospitality I have never known before! The love, beauty, charm and
joy spread in all directions from these two saints!
       In the years to come I was often to visit this wonderful inspiring
saint and his loving family. He had 10 sons, and said that he actually
had to pray that the next child be a girl! No wonder that people
used to hear about him and come asking his advice on how to have
a son! And though it sounds odd, he actually did tell them several
things on the subject and they attained their purpose.
       Outside in the front garden he had built a single room mandir (temple),
up a few steps and one can walk completely around it on the small
veranda that has an absolutely magnificent view of  the sunrise over the
distant mountain ranges appearing like waves in the ocean!  Here he
entered daily, after bath, at the crack of dawn. this was done
on a very regular basis with the most extreme love for God. And he
would come out from the mandir after the Arti, having offered the
morning food and everything to God. At this time any guest or family
member was also welcome to join. We still smell the fragrance of the
unique morning meal, it was a special roti cooked over a wood fire!
The food was always happily brought upstairs and served smilingly by one of the boys, always with music and wonderful conversation. Meals ever ended in our laughter from the charm and whit of Bhai Sahib's stories.

        By around 4:00 pm we would be called from our rest for tea in the garden and from this beautiful tradition we all would have a unique walk in the fairyland forest where Bhai Sahibji would reveal many secrets of the great Himalayas and the saints of this area.
       When one visited for longer stays it was usually in the evenings after a light dinner that we would sit in the grand room upstairs and he would share with me tales of Sufi Mystics and the secrets of  the lovers of God.
It was here that tears of grace would flow in an ecstasy beyond words and the heart would leap up with the soul to be merged with him into a space beyond time itself!!
         The years have passed in such a grand friendship and reverence, I can only hope that there is the time and opportunity to be able to share the tales and this magnificent grace as it should be in time to come.


                           1994 more...unforgetable times with Lord's Beloveds!


Monday, September 02, 2013

Sri Krsna Janamashtami! ✿♆ॐ✿♆ॐ✿♆ॐ✿♆ॐ✿



        Ah Ho! He came over the other night
and into my Mandir playing His flute,
ringing my bells, singing, dancing, laughing,
and just smiling at me, THAT smile of His!!
Ah Ho!! Shree Krishna Madhusudana!!
       All this happened like just a little bit more of His Divine Magic!!Hey! Hari Sundar!! And this world starts to reveal its hidden sweetness!
  Jai Jai Nanda kishore!!

                             ~ ॐ ॐ ॐ ✿♆ॐ✿♆ॐ✿♆ॐॐ ॐ ॐ ~

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Haridwar Kumbha Mela ☀*1974☼ Baba Sripadji, Sri Anandamayi Ma, Sadhus and Friends

                                                           .*•.¸.•*★•.¸¸.•*`*• ☆
                                                   Haridwar Khumbh Mela 1974

                                           Maji at Kumbha Mela Haridwar 1974

Baba Sripadji

                                                           Babaji with Sant Dasji

L to R:  Sri Vishnu Dasji, 'Russi Radha' (Prof. Natalya Sazanova), Sri Bhanu Bhai,
Sri Radha Mohan and Sri Asim Krishna Dasji beside the Ganga at the Kumbha Mela  1974

                                             Swami Vishnu Dasji of Maharashtra

                                            Baba Sripadji with That mystical smile!
                                              ☀*Haridwar Kumbha Mela 1974☼

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sri Radha Dasi's Letter

                                                                                                          15 Dec. 1979
                                                                 "Shri Hari"

My dear Radheshwari,
                                                             Jai Sri Radhey!

            Thank you for your letter which came some days ago now. Ellen continues to be sick - though recovering slowly - and Baba comes and goes with his urgent works. So I am kept busy and don't get round to reply to all the letters that come as soon as I should. No other reason that I didn't write sooner.

            I'm sorry if you misunderstood me and thought that I was testing you in any way. No, I asked you the question seriously- as a serious inquiry from a serious sadhaka. I had been noticing over the last couple of years that so many of those who were with us before also in search of That seem to have thrown away the quest and settled for mediocrity instead. Up to the time I wrote you last I had again heard about another couple of friends falling away. So my mind was very occupied with this situation and I was wanting to understand the reason, to find some explanation why those who had seemed so sincere, so dedicated, could yet change their minds. Perhaps because of my deep feeling, my words might have sounded to direct to you, but believe me, they were as much directed to myself if not more so. In fact when I wrote you, I told Ellen who was sitting here that I had just written a letter to myself.  After that, I even had second thoughts about posting it!

          Anyway, concerning my enquiry which I think was also called for since who knows that the next to go may not be myself, I came to certain conclusions.  Firstly, that it's very hard to give up the desire for sense gratification; in most cases of my friends, I think this has been the basic reason. Secondly, in some who even seemed a little more advanced in their inquiry of Truth and sadhana, it has been due to a basic error in judgement that they have felt the need for no further sadhana.  And that error arises from their having caught a glimpse of the universality of the soul.  However, instead of the jivatma identifying itself with the Paramatma, they have identified with the lower aspect of their nature and thus been deceived into thinking that the free reign of the desires is the highest reality.  that is why I kept thinking about Krishna's dissertation on various aspects of sadhana even after Arjuna had enjoyed the divine vision.  It seemed to me that there is a very important idea behind this; that the vision in itself is not enough unless we can incorporate it in our consciousness in the right way.  Sadhana prepares the mind and intelligence for this.  Again I remember the story of Indra and Virochana ( I think that was the name of the demon chief) who went to Brahma to enquire the highest Truth.  He told them 'Brahmasmi' was the highest. Virochana was content to look in the mirror and to understand that what he found reflected there was the Supreme Brahman; and Indra too would have been content with this answer had his wife not sent him again and again back to Brahma to do sadhana and to learn, after long, long years and repeated failures that Brahman is not the body, not the mind, not the intellect, but something even more than consciousness itself though it may be reflected through the purified consciousness.  It means, as the Sufis say, "Go still further!"

      You said, why should I be worried about falling into a material life?  Now you might understand. Since I have seen it happen so many times in the last year or so, I am always aware that I might be the next to deceive myself if I don't understand the causes clearly. Of course, I always feel there is a certain amount of Grace with me but I believe if I also don't make some effort to deserve this grace, rather to be worthy of it, it might be withdrawn from me any time.  Then certainly, there is no chance of experiencing that Ocean of Bliss.. 

        As far as the ego goes,you said you would, for one, be sorry to see it go.  Actually I don't think it really disintegrates until death and even then, if we look at reality at the perspective of its always manifesting itself, we must accept reincarnation.  This means that even in death the ego does not disintegrate but continues to exist in subtle form until it remanifests itself in an appropriate body.  So there is not much chance of my losing the ego so soon it seems!  Still, from what I have learned through the words of the saints, the ego must be reconstituted.  The ego of a saint is not the same as that of an ordinary man.  And I am sure that until that time when we are truly reborn as devotees through the sacrifices of love, all our worship is not really worth much.  I sincerely feel that it is only when the ego has been totally transformed that true worship begins.  Until then, we are just imitating the outward forms of worship - not altogether useless in itself since it is by this means that we should be purified; but still, not altogether meaningful either.

        Anyway, perhaps I should not burden you with all these thoughts though it would seem to me that it is the exchange of such views that is the true reason for having any friends on this path.  In a way, I have even come to see that friendship too is a kind of illusion since we all ultimately have to face death alone and even our friends cannot protect us then. Still, it is a sweet illusion and even sometimes too, a great solace, a great awakening, and even the great sacrifice on Love's alter.

        My pranams to Santji and Swamiji if he is there too.

                                                                                       With all love in Him as ever,
                                                                                                   Radha Dasi

Monday, August 12, 2013

The Divine 'Hariali Tij' *ღ☆¸.•°*♥

             Sri Shyamsunder and Sri Radhaji seated on the holy swing, 'Jhula'!

    The blissful mysterious, sacred rainy month of Sravan is observed in the incessent pouring forth of nectarean showers, filling the waters of Sri Jamunaji to overflowing ~ like the shower of Divine Grace!
     Ah, the bountiful clouds roaming in the vast heavens murmur their secret rejoicing in the resplendent beauty of the lush green groves amidst which Sri Radha & Sri Krishna are seated in a swing attended by their Sakhis.  The climax of this bhav merges in that occasion called 'Hariali Tij' when everywhere seems clothed in an immense and wonderful green robe, enhancing the enchanting sight of the Divine Couple swinging in the clustered retreats.
    On this day of 'Hariali Tij', Sri Bankey Bihari in the mood of enjoying this blissful month of showers bestows His gracious 'darshan' upon His devotees from His swing in the superbly decorated shrine.  His swinging into the heart of His devotees resembles the infinite eternity, beginningless, endless.  All thoughts leave the mind but that one which seeks to become His playmate on His swing.  In this way He transcends one across the limitations of the phenomenal world perception, beyond the three-fold veil of waking, dreaming and deep sleep states to behold His blissful swing, revolutionizing the life to its complete dedication to His sweet Divine will.
    In these days, the Ras Lila reaches its climax to the accompaniment of the songs composed by the saints and sung in the same harmony of the swing.
    And at present, as the life of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhuji unfolds day by day before the crowd of ardent devotees, the resounding cry of "Hari bol!" is pervading the hearts of all with the sublime ecstasy of Lord Gauranga.  Observing the ecstatic dance showers the fervour of Sri Chaitanya's consciousness, merging one in the bliss of his divine mood. The life of Mahaprabhuji increases the devotion to Sri Krishna who, accompanied by Sri Radha, has incarnated in this form as Sri Chaitanya.  From time to time to establish God-consciousness, He Himself incarnates on this earth, and the perennial inspiration of His Divine incarnations ceaselessly beckons the world unto His eternal Divinity.

From the letters of Baba Sripadji
August 1974