Sri Yugal Kishore ~*~

Sri Yugal Kishore ~*~
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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

*ღ☆¸.•°*Sharir Maharaj*ღ☆¸.•°*

 Meher Baba’s Meeting with Sharir Baba

On November 16th, Baba left Satara for Meherazad. The next day, he left on a mast tour to Uttar Pradesh, accompanied by Eruch, Pendu, Nilu and Baidul. Eruch was driving the car. There were unusually late rains, and at one place, the car had to be ferried from one bank of a stream to the other. The journey continued night and day. At one spot, they learned of a very high Hindu mast named Sharir Baba, who was staying at the residence of the Maharajah of Chhatarpur. The mast, however, was to leave the place at 3:00 P.M. that day and it was already 1:00 P.M.
Baba was very anxious to contact this mast, as he had never worked with him before. They drove at breakneck speed on the rough roads through towns and villages, covering 128 miles in two hours – and reached Chhatarpur exactly at 3:00 P.M. The mast was very old and would drink his own urine. Boxes of rotting sweetmeats and other such things were strewn in his room. A strong stench hung in the air, but the old mast would not allow anyone to clean the place.
Baba was delighted with the contact and remarked, "Our journey of hundreds of miles has been worth it!" Baba was to have been gone for two weeks. But on November 21st, because the men mandali and he were both exhausted, he canceled the rest of the tour to Uttar Pradesh and returned to Meherazad, where he intended to rest for a few days.

(Source: Bhau Kalchuri, Last Mast Journey,  Lord Meher, Vol. 15, p. 5126)

It is fascinating for me to come across this story of  Meher Babaji meeting Sharir Maharaj.
I have only heard Baba Shripadji mention him with greatest reverence, love and awe!
As well as Swami Jnanananda Giri, who spoke of Maharaj ji in great detail in his own autobiography:
Transcendent Journey. So much so that hearing the above description and the name of Chhatarpur I am sure  it is this same amazing Sharir Maharaj ji in both cases. Perhaps in the future we may write more regarding this marvelous and uniquely highly realized saint of Chhatarpur, Sharir Maharaj ji


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