Sri Yugal Kishore ~*~

Sri Yugal Kishore ~*~
"Two Bodies One Pran"

Monday, November 21, 2016

🌹The Song of the Reed🌹

"Harken to this Reed forlorn
Breathing, even since 'twas torn
From it's rushy bed, a strain
Of impassioned Love and Pain.

The secret of my song, though near
None can see and none an hear.
Oh, for a friend to know the sign
And mingle all his soul with mine.

'Tis the Flame of Love that fired me!
'Tis the Wine of Love inspired me!
Would'st thou learn how Lovers bleed!
Harken, harken to the Reed!"🌙

~Maulana Jalalu-d'din Mohammad ~ Rumi ~
     The begining of 🌹Mathnavi🌹
*Translation by R.A. Nichelson

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