Sri Yugal Kishore ~*~

Sri Yugal Kishore ~*~
"Two Bodies One Pran"

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

~*~OM BABAJI ~*~

       The wonderful Om Babaji lived to be 110 yrs.old, (d. 1959), Santji told me, and he never ate anything!! He stayed in a small room on the upper 3rd floor on Naya Sarak, Chandni Chowk, or "moonlit market", one of the oldest and busiest markets in India! Every evening he walked to the Yamuna River and sat in Samadhi there til sunrise! Whenever I had the chance I would ask about him to Santji, or one of the few devotees who knew Om Babaji. They said he lived with nothing but a wooden bed with a brick for a pillow. There was a Havan kund that always had live coals glowing that he would stir up and on that fire make a little tea for any guest for which there was also a chair.
      Surgeon Rear Admiral MS Melhotra had told me that several times that he and his wife Satyaji had offered Om Babaji shawls which he happily accepted but that after a few days they would visit and again there would be nothing there, but Om Babaji smiling as before.
      Mrs.Shakuntla Bindra, who was the daughter of a dear friend of Sant Gulab Singhji's was introduced to Om Babaji  by him. She told me how kind and gentle Om Babaji was and that he always made tea for her whenever she came and would drink along with her. She said one such day they heard heavy footsteps coming up the stairs. Immediately Om Babaji shouted loudly in Urdu saying, "How dare you come up these stairs here,  Haramzade! Go away!" Then they heard the footsteps going back down the stairway.  She said she started trembling when Om babaji turned to her and softly said, "Don't be afraid, my child, you have done nothing wrong! This was not meant for you.  Sanvalashah (Krishna) is very happy with you."
     Once she was bringing someone to meet him at her usual time and she could not find his flat, with the great big "AUM" on the wall. She said that they went up and down the street several times, again and again, but couldn't find his building!  Finally they had to give up and left.  Days later when she met Om Babaji he smiled and said, "Yes, I know, I had hidden the building!"
   In Santjio's last years he had given this photo of Om Babaji and had many tiny copies made. Whenever someone came to him with a problem or a great desire Santji would give  them this small picture of Om Babaji, tell them to put it inside a locket where it could be seen and wear it always.  He said to pray everyday to Om Babaji and that everything would be alright. Great souls are indeed able to help others to have great faith in Gods blessings and even in miracles. And for those years to come, again and again the devotees returned with bright faces and gifts, they had wonderful stories to tell about the miracles of beloved Om Babaji.

        "Ye Noor Uska, Ye Zahoor Uska.  Agar Tu Na Dekhe, To Kasoor Kiska?"

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