Sri Yugal Kishore ~*~

Sri Yugal Kishore ~*~
"Two Bodies One Pran"

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Swami Jnanananda Giri's latest Photo ~Om!~

                                                                            My latest photo of Swamiji,
taken a few months ago. Om!

My latest talk with him, just yesterday! Om!

 He said, "Write your memoirs!" Om!

∈...`••.¸.•´ இڿڰۣ-ڰۣ—


  1. Namaste,

    Please be so kind and tell me how I can meet this Guru.

    My email address is:

    Om Guru OM


    Romania (Europe)

  2. Dear Dharmagyan,
    Hari Om~*~ It is good to hear from you.
    I will pass on your message to Swamiji and
    also get back to you as soon as possible.
    It would be nice to hear more about your
    self, though. It would also be some
    thing I could tell to dear Swamiji. He is
    always joyful, deep and ever full of bliss.
    Hearing your request will add to his happiness.
    ¸. *ღ☆¸.•°*♥ हरी ॐ !․☆¨´`'*°☆.¸.☆¨´`'*°☆ ․☆¨´`'*°☆.¸.☆¨´`'*°☆ இڿڰۣڿڰღ Yours, Radheshwari

  3. Namaste Radheshwari,

    I am also a devout of Krishna like you are. I am from Romania(Europe). I practice Kriya Yoga and my Guru is Paramhansa Yogananda. Although I know that my Guru is in the Kutashtha (Ajna Chakra), I feel the need for the guidance of a living Guru.

    Yogananda himself stated that a disciple must meet a living Guru at least once in a lifetime.

    So that is the reason why I asked you about Swamiji Jnanananda Giri.

    OM Guru OM

  4. Namaste Radheshwari,

    Please be so kind and tell me if you have an answer from Swamiji?

    OM Guru OM

  5. Namaskar Dear Dharmagyan,
    I spoke with Swamiji on Mar 23rd. I told him you would like to meet him. Actually he doesn't meet people much anymore as he used to, and hardly any new people! However he said,"Tell him he has already met me!!" He added, "Ask him what is 'Agyana'?...God knows who is the Devil, or He wouldn't be God! Lord also knows, there is no Devil! Shaitani mat karo!!" He said to look-up the original meaning of 'Religion' the internet...basically it means politics!! but the Real Journey is 'within', to return to your Origin!!
    ¸. *ღ☆¸.•°*♥ हरी ॐ !․☆¨´`'*°☆.¸.☆¨´`'*°☆ ․☆¨´`'*°☆.¸.☆¨´`'*°☆ இڿڰۣڿڰღ Yours, Radheshwari

  6. Namaskar Radheshwari,

    Thank you for forwarding my message to Swamiji. I am happy to receive his message. Actually I don't expected to receive an answer from him so it was a big surprise for me.

    I know that his words are very deep but I confess to you that I am not sure about the meaning of his first words: "Tell him he has already met me!!" Because we (me and Swamiji) didn't actually meet, at least not in this lifetime.

    It is true that I felt when I read your reply and I feel now (when I write) something (from his part I presume) that I never felt until now. So please be so kind and ask him what is the meaning of his words?

    It is true that he accepted me as his disciple? That he is my Guru ? He is ready to assume the responsabily for my life like Yogananda did for his disciples?

    About "Ask him what is 'Agyana'? '', I don' know sanskrit but Agyana means ''without knowledge''.

    My given name is Eugen but I chose Dharmagyan for I presumed that it means ''knowledge of Dharma''. Dharma is for me not religion but what leads you to the Truth, and my conviction is that everybody's dharma is to know God. I chose this name to help me remember what is the life's purpose, the goal of this journey (my life) for me. It seems I chose my name wrongly. Is Dharmgyan better?

    Maybe Swamiji has another suggestion for an apropiate name for me ?

    Looking forward for your answer,
    Thank you

  7. Namaskar Dear Radheshwari,

    Please be so kind and tell me if you have an answer from Swamiji related to my message on March 28?

    OM Guru OM

  8. Dear Dharmgyan,
    Hari Om ~ Your message is really uppermost in my thoughts, yet there was so much going on here.
    Novratra,the'9 supreme Nights of Devi' was just
    finishing which was April 1, it was also Ram Naumi!!
    So, this Lovely Devi Arti was written out into English
    here for you all to enjoy. And I must tell you that the last post up to date,'Give thanks for your breath', was actually told to me by Swamiji at the end of our last phone call, when he was speaking about you! So, you may have realized that this message is also for you.
    God-willing I will be talking with Swamiji tomorrow, but it is Easter Sunday, so anything's possible!!
    ¸. *ღ☆¸.•°*♥ JAI SRI KRISHNA! ¸. *ღ☆¸.•°*♥

  9. Dear Dharmgyan,
    Swamiji said that he lives in another world!
    He said to tell you to just go on practicing your Kriya yoga as you have learned it. He said all is well!! Om! om! Om!
    It is true that Swamiji lives in a very 'tuned-in' space, for sure. Like Rumi has said, " I live in the Land of Joy!" Surely this is where the Realized Saints of God exist!!
    With Love and joy to you, dear Dharmgyanji.

    ¸. *ღ☆¸.•°*♥Om!Om! Om!¸. *ღ☆¸.•°*♥

  10. Dear Radheshwari,

    Thank you again for the answer that you delivered to Swamiji.

    I reconsidered again the message from Swamiji and I want to ask you to tell him the following:

    “I met in the past two false gurus and I understand that at that time I was false too. After that I met an acharya (Swami Kriyananada) and I tried to approach him but he rejected me. In time I understood that he is surely not my Guru.

    Now you (Swamiji) tell me that you live in another world. But I know that you are a true Guru and a Guru lives simultaneously in both worlds. In my opinion it is the task of a Guru to build a bridge between the two worls (Divine and human). The disciple doesn't have the compass to the Divine World.

    I am stubborn so, with all respect, please tell me if you are my Guru or not. If you say “no, I am not your Guru”, I will understand and I pray to you to give me your blessings so that I meet my Guru (Sat-Guru). I never met a true living Guru like you in this life. If you are not my Guru I am convinced that your blessings will be enough for me to meet my Sat-Guru.

    Thank you Swamiji”

    Thank you to, Dear Radheshwari

    OM Guru OM