Sri Yugal Kishore ~*~

Sri Yugal Kishore ~*~
"Two Bodies One Pran"

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Divine Kundalini Shakti¸¸.◦ ◦.¸¸.◦✿◦◦¸◦❤◦¸◦✿ॐ✿◦¸◦❤◦¸◦✿◦.¸¸.◦Our Own Mysterious and Amazing Hidden Power!!

      This is the Kundalini Shakti seen here in her Goddess form. As the power of the Lord or God's Divine Energy of the cosmos, she is the light of innumerable universes. Her splendour is beyond description. Thus her manifestations are countless!  She is worshiped as the Divine Mother and as the other half of Lord Shiva. She is never separate from Him, but is the primal force of life underlying all existence.               
       Worshiping her includes the total acceptance of all creation for she is the center of everything, vitalizing the body through her energy. She is the beauty in all things beautiful, the power, the fragrance, the color, the taste, the music, the enchantment, the dance, the grace. She is the intelligence of the mind and the devotion in worship, and the magnetism of all lovers.
      As Kundalini Shakti she lies dormant in the Muladhara Chakra at the base of the spine in the form of a serpent power, coiled around the Swayambhu Shivalinga. When she bestows her grace on her sincere devotees, she awakens and leads the individual soul up from Chakra to Chakra, plane to plane, and unites him with Lord Shiva in the Sahasrara. The Divine Shakti maintains the play of all forms through the three Gunas, the three fundamental attributes or modes of instinct: Sattva (purity), Rajas (passion), Tamas (darkness).
     Thus the Devi holds in one hand the TRISHUL (Shula), also a symbol of the triad of man's three bodies: the gross physical body or Sthula Sharira; the subtle Astral body or Linga Sharira; and the causal body, the individual soul or Karana Sharira.
     In the worship of Divine Mother it is necessary to overcome any dislikes, aversions, misuse, perversions, weaknesses, and negativeness. All obstacles must be removed. For this the Devi holds in one hand the BOW (Danusha) as a symbol of concentrated focus, discrimination and alertness. For this purpose external worship, rituals and ceremonies make a valuable contribution.
      The SKULL in the Shakti's hand is symbolic of a pure empty mind. This means a mind free from preconceived ideas that block the way for new perceptions. This paves the way for Divine insights such as insights by intuition during meditation, japa or just quiet reflection. In contrast to preconceived ideas stands true knowledge, which is knowing from personal experience. Information is often mistaken for knowledge. If the Divine Nectar received in those blessed indescribable moments falls, caught up in the passion of the illusion of worldly affairs, it falls like water and streams off and is lost because the aspirant might only recognize too late what has happened.
       The Skull, emptiness of mind, is shown to remind one that to continue the minds habit of interpreting would be a big mistake. Thus, empty the mind as with the repetition of mantra from the guru. The need for an aspirant is not to learn new things, but to absorb Divine Nectar. This ambrosia obtained from spiritual practice is the precious spiritual food (the intuitive insights) that needs to be absorbed, not analyzed and prejudged.
       The NOOSE held by Kundalini Shakti is a warning not to be caught in the old traps of mechanicalness and intellectualization, preoccupation with self and turning a deaf ear. Discover old traps and even recognize traps before they have been laid. Basically the NOOSE warns of being caught in the pride of knowledge.
       The GOAD (Ankusha) that Devi holds shows that goading or pushing is necessary, even on to the last efforts. She signals the sadhak to keep going, moving forward, to persevere, discriminate, and pursue development.
     The ARROWS shown here to us by Kundalini Devi represents the five senses that need to be brought under control by awareness and refinement and then shot in a fine straight line by direct commitment and a clear sight of the target. A specific goal may be missed by running in too many directions!
      The Kundalini Shakti is pure and blissful. She is the Mother of Nature itself. It is therefore that one should first approach the Mother so that she may bring her spiritual child who is worthy to unite with the Father!
     Devi is Shakti of Lord Shiva. She is Jada shakti, Chit shakti, Iccha Shakti, Kriya shakti, Jnana shakti. She is Maya shakti, Maya, Mahamaya, Sri Vidya, Lalita, Kundalini, Rajeshwari and Parvati. As Sati she manifested to Lord Shiva in ten separate forms, the Das Mahavidya: Kali, Tara, Shodashi, Bhuvaneshwari, Bhairavi, Chinnamasta, Dhumavati, Bhagalamukhi, Matangi,and Laxmi.
   Glory to all these wonderful manifestations of the Divine Mother!
We adore Her in all Her forms!

                              ~Om Shakti! Om Shakti! Om shakti Om!
                         Brahma shakti! Vishnu Shakti! Shiva Shakti Om!
                           Iccha Shakti! Kriya Shakti! Jnana Shakti Om!
                               ~Om Shakti! Om Shakti! Om Shakti Om!~


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  2. Interesting interpretation of the divine Mother. May all be blessed by Her grace....Om!...Shaktanand.