Sri Yugal Kishore ~*~

Sri Yugal Kishore ~*~
"Two Bodies One Pran"

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Mata Narvada Puriji's Maha Samadhi ~Basant Panchmi~ Feb.4,2014

On Feb.20,2013 I was sitting with Mata Narvada Puriji,(German) outside her small simple room on the top of Santoshpuri Ashrama near the flowing Gangaji at Septha Rishi. There was a flood of Light around her and an aura of bliss! The only other German lady-sadhu I had met was Uma, a disciple of Swami Shivananda Saraswati of Rishikesh,and she was living in a wonderful cave up in the mountains there. And like the last time I was totally blown-away, over-whelmed. Maybe it was her calm beauty and great simplicity,totally centered, or her charming, friendly way she spoke that reached straight in to capture the heart. Mataji Narvada Puri had come to India in the early 70's at the age of 24 yrs. Her life is an inspiration,a testimony of vairag, detachment, and perfect devotion to the Guru.
"Holy waters, holy places, holy people can give you liberation in one moment. It is possible! Commonly called a "miracle": to remove the veil of ignorance, to clear impurities stored up for generations. Arrival in Banaras and the next day you got enlightened! Not forever, but enough to change life and work until eternity to regain and establish the bliss."*
"The Shiva temple by the roadside solved the search for the right place. You just came back home, you go straight up to the holy shrine. The doors are still closed. You don't ask who is inside. You sit by the wall and your heart starts singing,flying high, knocking at the paradise unknown. No question, your innocence is back, you don't mind winning the prize. The time was right, the light could be recognized. Shiv!"* ... "The eternal smile of hope goes on. Now Shiva has become everything and everywhere. You can touch Him in the wall, love Him in the wind, listen to Him in the drums of the snake tamers. You can geet up without losing Him. You know now with whom you are dancing..."* Feb.5,2014 Mataji Narvada Puri'S Samadhi sanskaras were done on this day at her Ashrama, Santoshpuri, and she was entered next to her Baba's Samadhi (near to where she stands in this photo!)
"The little garden place of your life will blossom again to create flowers of love to fade away while leaving a seed of indestructible devotion. With eyes open, you have passed away long ago." * * The quotes here are all from Mataji Narvada Puri's book: 'Tears of Bliss'.

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