Sri Yugal Kishore ~*~

Sri Yugal Kishore ~*~
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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Bhai Sahib Lakshvir Singhji ~ Muztar Nabhawi ~ *ღ☆¸.•°*♥

                                             Beloved Bhai Sahib Lakshvir Singhji
                                                   Dec.25,1918 ~ Feb.14,2008

       Here is a note I made during study of the Persian language 
with the mystic poet-saint 'Muztar' of Nabha.
He is Bhai Sahib Lakshvir Singhji and lived at his home,
'Vir Nivas', in the beautiful Chail forest of Himanchal Pradesh.
      I had first met him in the early 70's when he came to Saproon,
Solan to meet Sant Gulab Singhji, his dear friend, who joyfully rose up
from the lunch table to embrace him. Bhai Sahibji was a very
beautiful and impressive man of around 50 years at that time, he wore a
khakhi color salvar-kameez with a small warm cap and draped himself
with a woolen shawl. He was astonishing with his own Urdu and Persian
Poetry (and English), all present there were totally swept away in the
timeless ecstasy of the graceful company of the meeting of these
two beloved masters!
       Later I was to accompany Santjeo in a friends jeep as we
rode up the mountains to the gorgeous Christmas tree forest
of Chail to visit Bhai Sahibji. The spiritual mood of the Love of
God, the Bhava, pervading his wonderful home is beyond words
to describe! Only I can still feel it today, along with his constant
presence. At that time, there with Santji, I remember how we sat
in the rose garden that Summer day, refreshed by cool sharbat
served by his sons as Bhai Sahibji's own Persian self written books
were brought out and shared with us. This was a kind of engrossing
hospitality I have never known before! The love, beauty, charm and
joy spread in all directions from these two saints!
       In the years to come I was often to visit this wonderful inspiring
saint and his loving family. He had 10 sons, and said that he actually
had to pray that the next child be a girl! No wonder that people
used to hear about him and come asking his advice on how to have
a son! And though it sounds odd, he actually did tell them several
things on the subject and they attained their purpose.
       Outside in the front garden he had built a single room mandir (temple),
up a few steps and one can walk completely around it on the small
veranda that has an absolutely magnificent view of  the sunrise over the
distant mountain ranges appearing like waves in the ocean!  Here he
entered daily, after bath, at the crack of dawn. this was done
on a very regular basis with the most extreme love for God. And he
would come out from the mandir after the Arti, having offered the
morning food and everything to God. At this time any guest or family
member was also welcome to join. We still smell the fragrance of the
unique morning meal, it was a special roti cooked over a wood fire!
The food was always happily brought upstairs and served smilingly by one of the boys, always with music and wonderful conversation. Meals ever ended in our laughter from the charm and whit of Bhai Sahib's stories.

        By around 4:00 pm we would be called from our rest for tea in the garden and from this beautiful tradition we all would have a unique walk in the fairyland forest where Bhai Sahibji would reveal many secrets of the great Himalayas and the saints of this area.
       When one visited for longer stays it was usually in the evenings after a light dinner that we would sit in the grand room upstairs and he would share with me tales of Sufi Mystics and the secrets of  the lovers of God.
It was here that tears of grace would flow in an ecstasy beyond words and the heart would leap up with the soul to be merged with him into a space beyond time itself!!
         The years have passed in such a grand friendship and reverence, I can only hope that there is the time and opportunity to be able to share the tales and this magnificent grace as it should be in time to come.


                           1994 more...unforgetable times with Lord's Beloveds!


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