Sri Yugal Kishore ~*~

Sri Yugal Kishore ~*~
"Two Bodies One Pran"

Friday, April 13, 2012

✶*¨`*✶♥Sant Gulab Singhjeo & Sri Sri Anandamayi Maji✶*¨`*✶♥

    Jai Ma!  The purest divine beauty that only spent time in kirtana and then
went straight into samadhi! This was her only sadhana as a child she was only
interested in the Inner Path, which came so easy to her. And only with a short
time spent in spontaneous yogasanas, she would go into samadhi! Ah ho!
She was even most of her time in a speechless state of 'maun'. Many times
we would come for her beautiful 'darshan', just to see her, and she would
be in maun, yet be sitting blissfully within the kirtana, with drums, and all the
chanting going on around ecstasy! All in the ashrama were always
encouraged to spend some time daily in this silence!
      It came to be that she was so engrossed and energized from these
moments in samadhi that she lost all interest in normal food! Her closest ones
soon took it on themselves to daily feed her by hand, and it came to be so
that she thereafter never ate on her own again! Maybe on a rare occasion,
like when she would suddenly start to sing, and a spontaneous kirtana would
begin around her of loving devotees. Or sometimes she would stand up and
dance in a state of divine rapture!
      Truly like the Devi herself, she was unconcerned with the so called rules
of this world and followed another Divine Law, known exclusively to Her.
Sri Anandamoyi Ma!
      The wonderful reunion of Maji and beloved Sant Gulab Singhji came
unscheduled in the Winter of 1978, at her ashrama in Pune.  Santji and I
were visiting the very dear and longtime devotees of Santji, Surgeon
Rear Admiral MS Melhotra and his family. After the morning 'Katha' and
breakfast were finished a devotee informed us that Ma Anandamayi was
staying there at her Pune Ashrama. Santji was vividly overjoyed and as
usual he wasted no time and said, " bring my walking stick and let's go!"
I was thrilled at the thought of seeing Maji again. In no time we were in
the car, Dr. Melhotra driving. We arrived about noon and the ashrama
was totally silent. Finally we were told by someone that Maji was resting
now and would not see anyone! Oh, in a moment Dr. Sahibji spoke up
and said that it was Sant Gulab Singhji of Chandigarh that was here to
see her and that Ma would want to be told immediately. So, we waited
in a lovely huge tent for Sat Sang that was constructed outside of maji's
room. Even I was surprised to see Ma come rushing in and straight over
to Santji, calling out, "Pitaji! Pitaji! Pitaji! Santji rose up and called out,
Ma! Ma! Ma! We all stood wonder struck at the amazing sight! There
was Maji wrapped in her white sari, reaching over and down to touch his
feet. While Santji was glowing in his white kurta pajama with white turban
reaching towards Maji's feet!! Their arms crossed and heads came together!
Their cheeks were flushed and red. "Ma!" "Pitaji!" "Ma!" "Pitaji!" "Ma!"
They both looked like small children, faces full of joy..."Ma!" " Pitaji!" " Ma!"
Tears of ecstasy were running down all our faces to witness the childlike love
of these two great saints! Still when I remember this vision the heart comes up
into the throat...and one is over whelmed with intense ecstatic Love!

                                      ✶*¨`*✶♥ Jai Ma!!  Jai Pitaji!!✶*¨`*✶♥


  1. Thank you for sharing such beautiful and inspiring experiences! Hari Om!

  2. Memorable momentsin the meeting of two oceans

  3. *´¯`•.¸¸.♥♡ ☮ne*ᏝᎧᏉᏋ ♡ with All ♥¸Welcome!¸.♥❉✦ॐ ƝᾋṂᾋṨҬἝ ॐ✦´¯`•.¸¸.´☆´ ¸. • *ღ☆ღ ♥

    1. Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience of the meeting of two Beloveds of God !

  4. WOW!!
    This sounds heavenly, Hi Raadheshwari, this is Rana Ranveer Singh, Pitaji is my great grand father, I want to reach out to you
    Rana - 9810580364, request if you can share your contact details

  5. Dear Rana,
    you may like to contact me through
    my email address:

    However, I have noted your number!
    How blessed you are to have such an amazing saint
    for a great grandfather! Do keep in touch,
    there is still so much i have to write here about Beloved Pitaji and all my saints!!