Sri Yugal Kishore ~*~

Sri Yugal Kishore ~*~
"Two Bodies One Pran"

Monday, November 28, 2011


      When the manifestation of the sacred land of Vraj is established
in one's physical being, Vrindavan centralizes itself in the body
as a lotus having innumerable petals, each representing a different
mood of the Lila of the Supreme Lord and his Beloved.  This
Vrindavan exists in the heart.  However, this heart is distinct from
the physical heart, being the universal heart of the microcosm
of this world and within it, and of the macrocosm and outside it.
This is the heart which contains all Grace, all Glory, and all Joy.
And from this heart everything has its existence in the phenomenal,
mundane world.  Every joy one may see, or feel, perceive, or realize
is the very semblance and glance from within the heart.  It is there,
where the spell of Reality wherein the Love and Ecstasy of God 
is established, that the Transcendental Sport of Sri Vrindavan ever

      When one is treading the path towards the existence of Vrindavan,
as the consciousness of love, suddenly one realizes the presence
of Sri Yamuna flowing nearby. Yamuna signifies the existing manifestation
of Radha and Krishna's splendour as the liquid flow which washes
all deeds, all sins, and even all merits, clean as the very purity of the
Beloved's heart.  For this reason, Srimad Bhagvat relates  how the
Gopies made the vow of bathing daily in the Yamuna in the cold
Winter month of Kartika.  Becoming purified by the efforts of their
penance, their clothes were stolen bu their Beloved Lord.  This action
is metaphorically the stealing of their body-consciousness by which
they became eligible to participate in his Maharas, the Divine Dance,
in which each Gopi found her partner in Lord Krishna.


       At the foundation of Sri Vrindavan exists Radha Bhav
within whose silent mutation all hearts, all beings, and all
the universe discover the Divine Realization of the Love
Supreme of Sri Krishna and the Grace Supreme of Sri Radha.
It is within the consciousness of Radha Bhav that the cycle
of thought and deed through its creation, preservation, and
destruction culminates in the innocent, inactive, yet ever
creative Love of Radha-Krishna.  This is the Glory
consummated in the majestic manifestation of Barsana,
to be discovered in the heart as the Love-enlightened
Grace of Sri Radha.

                                              Sri Baba Sripadji


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  1. Most wonderful description of ShriRadhabhaav!!Jai shree krishna!