Sri Yugal Kishore ~*~

Sri Yugal Kishore ~*~
"Two Bodies One Pran"

Saturday, August 10, 2013

First Time Seeing Baba Sripadji

    Sripadji had said he would come and there was a lot of anticipation of that
coming. In these days of July 1971 my first visit I would simply sleep on a mat 
and Swamiji would stay upon his wooden bed. There was an Akhanda Jyot,
a small oil lamp, which was always lit inside his kutia. After lying down at
night to sleep the first time I vaguely woke-up, I saw Swamiji in that glowing
light sitting up in blissful meditation. I quickly sat up also to meditate, not to
miss an opportunity in this saint's presence. And it was so good!! When again
I opened my eyes I saw him lying flat on his back. I immediately lied down to
rest. This would happen four or five times a night  and my night sleep became
very subtle. I was extremely happy to have all these moments of silent
meditation with Swamiji. On about the 4th night suddenly Swamiji rose up
and in three steps was out of the kutia chanting Om! Om! I sat up and
waited, in the dim light I saw it was 5:00 am! After 10 mins. or so Swamiji
returned with a very beautiful and radiantly silent young sadhu. Swamiji said
that Balyogiji Sripad had been meditating outside for 2 and a half hours! I
vividly remember first seeing his feet, then he also sat on the floor in an even
more intense, vibrant silence. Yet there was so much communication! I never
had such an experience of energy and light before!! Swamiji was aglow
making tea.  But I was so ecstatic that tears ran down my cheeks! Words
all disappeared from the mind that seemed itself dizzily enchanted. Fully
charmed by the One totally in the Sublime Bhava of Sri Radha Krishna!! 
This state was always the case for me whenever I was in his company!

                                     'Vibhor, Vichitr, Vimohit Sri Krishna!'

                                                         Sri Sripad Babaji
                                                       Mussoorie July1971


  1. beutiful memories, nice pictures too. it reminded me some days i spent in a zen monastery, when i also slept over a mat, but then the meditations only occured in specific times of the day, and it sounded like a ritual. In your case, it sounded more like a divine contact, a true will to simply allow yourself to feel existence as a whole , not only doing it because it gives a sense of responsability towards the control of thoughts

  2. Yes,it was all I could have ever wished!
    It was like meeting Jesus! And I was to
    often have this feeling and experience
    whenever in the presence of Babaji.
    And it is one of the reasons it is such
    exquisite ecstasy to write of these moments,
    as they seem to have a fulfillment of
    their own in the telling!!
    I truly believe that every good story
    must be kept alive by the telling of it!!
    Thank-you,too,for telling us yours.