Sri Yugal Kishore ~*~

Sri Yugal Kishore ~*~
"Two Bodies One Pran"

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

ॐ۞-ڰۣღSant Gulab Singh jiڰۣღ۞ॐ

                                     ~*~ Beloved Pita Ji ~*~ 1881~1985

                    A Mystic and a saint of such a caliber one can hardly 
          hope to ever meet, yet it was just this rare and perfect a
          Realized Master I had been looking for in India for four 
          months before finding him. To my utter delight the 
          moment he saw me come into the room he opened up his 
          arms and said, 'You have come! Come! Come!'  And I ran 
          into the most wonderful embrace of my life!  It was like 
          diving into an ocean of ecstatic bliss! And when I looked
          into that smile I felt my search was over at last and I was
          launched into another space immediately!  That Pure 
          Joy baffles the mind at once, and the spark from his 
          flaming heart caught mine and burned away all doubt,
          questions, confusion, pain, and superfluous thoughts 
          whatever. In his presence there could only be Pure Light 
          and pure Love!
                   Where he really existed one can only aspire to 
         imagine!! Though outwardly he lived the simplest life 
         style, it is this that is a great part of his beauty and 
         perfection. There was no particular house he owned yet 
         every house he visited seemed to be his! A suitcase of 
         clothes etc.  was always there ready to go at a moments 
         notice! This  simple style was contagious and I also lived
         like this in India for 15 years. But I never found yet such
         a natural excellence as his. He was to be seen and heard 
         every morning by devotees giving a talk of talks! We 
         relished mostly sitting with him in the afternoons when
         he would read informally and share with us from the 
         original  Persian of 'Divane Hafiz', 'Masnavi', the works 
         of Sheikh Attar, or Aurobindo's 'Savitri' much of it he 
         knew by heart, his was a photographic memory.  
         And then daily there were the long, fascinating evening  
         walks in the Rose garden, by the Lake, or in the local 
         forest, wherever we were it was intoxicating without wine! 


               A Soul of Pure  Bliss! In all my time with him I never 
        saw him angry or upset, but the opposite! Rather he gave 
        blessings to everyone who came to him. He is still an 
        ocean of Light! Even now I hear his after dinner stories 
        and remember all our laughter, the belly aching cheer he 
        would inspire!  Wherever he went became a meeting 
        place of  mystics, sadhus, saints and devotees! There was 
        singing, dancing, and Satsang wither in Shimla, Bombay,
        Lucknow, or New Delhi. He seemed to know how to speak
        every language, most of all he knew the language of the 
        Heart, and would whisk us away in a moment to places 
        beyond words!  Pita Ji is truly a Mystic Saint that 
        never leaves us for a moment, but is all the closer now 
        that there is no body between us!!

                                     ॐ -ڰۣღڰۣღॐ -ڰۣღڰۣღ ॐ     


  1. Love u Pitaji n Radheshwariji!!from Deepalidaasi.

  2. Love Pitaji Always
    From Rana & my Dad Dharmveer Singh

  3. Its an Blessing to be born in Pitaji Maharaj Family and associated with ,KuKu Aunty, and Ajit mamjee luv u always.. and Pitaji Maharaj is always with us

    From Naunihal Singh, Manu/Karan, Jasmine, Gursimran and Hargobind
    Grandson Great Grandson Daughter Blessings of Pitaji Maharaj

  4. Feeling so Blessed. I love you Santji

  5. It was wonderful to meet Pitaji. I still remember him. He was a true Sikh. I have met very few who had his caliber. You wrote very beautiful words. Where are you Radheshwari ji these days? I am in Seattle. Will love to meet you. Visit me in Seattle sometime.