Sri Radha Madhava

Sri Radha Madhava

Thursday, March 26, 2015

SPRING NAVA RATRI ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ SKANDA MATA ~*~ 5th Day

                                                                        5th Day

Skanda Mata is the 5th Durga Devi Shakti form.  As the daughter of Himalaya, after observing penance she got married to Lord Shiva. Their son is Kumara Skanda or Kumara Kartikeya also called Lord Murugan in south India. the leader of the army of the Gods. Skanda Mata is a deity of fire.  She has three eyes and four hands. She is white and seated on a lotus and also called Padmasana. Using a lion as a vehicleand Skanda is seated in her lap. On the fifth day of Navaratra the mind of the aspirant is in the Visuddha Cakra. From worshiping the goddess in the form of Skandamata on this day the devotee gets all his desires fulfilled.

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