Sri Radha Madhava

Sri Radha Madhava

Thursday, March 26, 2015

SPRING NAVA RATRI ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ KUSHMANDA ~*~ 4th Day

                                                                           4th Day

  Kushmanda is the 4th Durga Shakti.   In this form she creates the entire Universe as a little egg by her  delighted laughter. She, therefore, dwells in the solar systems as the energy of the Sun. She shines in all the ten directions having brought Light out of the original Darkness by the brilliance of her dazzling smile. She has eight arms holding four types of weapons, a rosary, a lotus, a kamandalu, and a jar of Nectar.  She is radiant riding the Lion of Dharma. She likes the offerings of pumpkin.  Those who worship her on the 4th day of Nava Ratri are blessed with inner strength, good health and prosperity.

                                                           ~*~ Jai Jai Maa! ~*~

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