Sri Radha Madhava

Sri Radha Madhava

Thursday, March 26, 2015

SPRING NAVA RATRI ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ KALRATRI ~*~ 7th Day

                                                                              7th Day

The 7th form of Durga is Kalratri, the One who is “the Death of Kaal” (Time Itself). She is black as night and destroys ignorance bringing light into the darkness. Durga's hair is open and plentiful. She has on necklaces shining like lightening and has three eyes which are round and bright like the universe. Thousands of flames of fire come from her nostrils. She rides on a Donkey. There is a sharp cleaver in her left hand and her lower left hand is holding a burning torch (mashal). With her right hand she shows us vardhana mūrdha which grants boons and her lower right hand is in Abhay Mudra extending fearlessness to her devotees. Kalratri is that super power that creates havoc and removes all things bad and unclean. But to Her devotees, She brings calmness and courage. Being auspicious she is called "Shubhamkari."
                                                               ~*~ Jai Jai Maa! ~*~

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